200ramon_zuloaga_firma 200blas_zuloaga_firma 200eusebio_zuloaga Silueta_mujer

Ramón Zuloaga Úbera

Blas Zuloaga Úbera

Eusebio Zuloaga Gonzalez

Ramona Boneta Zuloaga

Gunsmith Gunsmith Gunsmith and Damasceener Pioneer of electroplating in Spain
(1768-1848) (1782-1856) (1808-1898) (1823-?)
Master Checker of the Royal Factory of Placencia de las Armas (Soraluze), he designed the guns of the guards de corps (alabarderos) of his Majesty

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He participated in the Battle of Bailen, was the reorganized and the restorer of the collections of the Royal Armoury of Madrid, as well as Her Majesty Gunsmith

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First Spanish artist who won an International Award (London 1851). It was a Royal Gunsmith, inventor of the damasceening Eibar technique and Mayor Deputy of Madrid

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Electrochemistry technician that covered of gold and silver the weapons designed by her husband (and first cousin of his mother) Eusebio Zuloaga; she also took care of his 5 first children and gave him 3 more
placido guillermo daniel  german

Plácido Zuloaga Zuloaga

Guillermo Zuloaga Boneta

Daniel Zuloaga Boneta

 Germán Zuloaga Boneta

Damasceener and sculptor Ceramist and Entrepreneur Ceramist Ceramist
(1834-1910) (1848-1893) (1852-1921) (1855-1886)
Maximum representative of the Damascene, awarded by six European countries; his works received 36 gold medals in international competitions. He was Mayor of Eibar

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Promoter and Director of the Moncloa Ceramics Factory. He was professor of ceramics at the school of Arts and Crafts in Madrid

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Primer ceramista considerado artista. Diseña revestimientos de fachadas para los principales arquitectos, promoviendo estéticas modernistas y de la Generación del 98.First ceramist in Spain considered an artist. He designed cladding facades for the main architects promoting modernist aesthetics and the generation of 98 aesthetics

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Ceramist and decorative artist who studied and worked in Sevres and other places in Europe, being awarded in Spain for his work

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ignacio_zuloaga  valentine esperanza juan_zuloaga

Ignacio Zuloaga Zabaleta

Valentine DeThomás Thierré

Esperanza Zuloaga Estringana

Juan Zuloaga Estringana

Painter Collector Ceramist Ceramist
(1870-1964) (1875-1964) (1881-1937) (1884-1968)
Considered “the last great master of the Spanish School of painting”, triumphed in European art markets, unleashed in the United States the so called “Spanish craze”

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Wife of Ignacio Zuloaga, collector of all kinds of objects and bibliophile. Her living room of Santiago Etxea brought together the intellectuals and artists of the generations of 98 and the 14

Pioneer independent woman, was educated during in France and England, exhibiting her ceramic and decorative works in different European countries

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Professor of ceramics and Academic correspondant of the Madrid’s Fine Arts Academy. During the Second Republic he was the Director of Fine Arts and Councillor of Segovia

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 teodora antonio  el_mozo  daniel_zuloaga

Teodora Zuloaga Estringana

Antonio Zuloaga DeThomás

Ignacio Zuloaga Zuloaga

“El Mozo”

Daniel Zuloaga Olalla

Ceramist Humanitarian Activist and Entrepreneur Painter, Engraver and Ceramist Ceramist
(1886-1976) (1906-1981) (1907-1970) (1922-2000)
Independent and feminist woman, after studying in Sevres she worked in the ceramic workshop of the Zuloaga’s family to after being the Director of the Zuloaga Museum in Segovia

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Chemical Founder of Zuloaga Paintings and the electric company FECSA. During the second world war he aided persecuted individuals in Occupied France and in the negotiations for the neutrality of Spain in the war

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He worked as a ceramist and founded and directed ceramic schools in Buenos Aires and Segovia

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